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Electronica, Bucuresti
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Music is your soul, everything is sound, there is no silence here, the sound gets thinner, the times move uptempo, the notes gets scrambled, the groove gets scratched and slowed down, then more and then all that is left to be is yourself.You can't touch sound, sound touches you. This is how you know its presence. Everything comes toward you and you store it within universe. Is in what you receive that changes everything. Words are your culture, your thoughts. Sometimes you think but then you sing in your mind. You play with that little information that's for you to send back to the universe. We are all blessed to be here, we recognize this world beyond time. We are free to escape to dreams or take lsd. We breathe each others' life-form air.

Oras: Bucuresti
Email: alex.groove@yahoo.co.uk
Web: http://www.myspace.com/nigelsgroove
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