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Empressto. is not only one of Romanian‘s Dubstep DJs & producers, but he has grown to a stand-out personality in the global Electronic music business.

From a small independent artist with various producer aliases, Empressto was able to establish and redefine himself and his sound again and again, delivering a big palette of highly respected quality productions and remixes.

As a DJ, Empressto. exactly knows how to keep the crowd going and how to interact with his fans. His experience is truly impressive, with past and upcoming gigs at all major club events and world leading festivals.

Empressto is also the co-founder of the Aerra Music/Distribution. Together with his longtime partner Dj Giohnny.


Oras: Bucuresti
Telefon: +40786607738
Email: Empressto@yahoo.ro
Web: http://www.Empressto.com
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